Watch our secret to frying a perfect bird this holiday!

The Holidays are Coming! 

It's tough to cook with that beer in your hand - why not let us help?  We cook with beers in our hand everyday.

Get your whole meal from us or maybe just pick up a couple sides you can take over to Mee Maw's house and pretend you cooked them yourself.

Cajun Fried Turkey
Flavor injected, spiced rubbed and fried to juicy, golden perfection. 15 pound average, feeds 10-12 normal people (or Uncle Bubba on his own) 

Peach 'N' Pecan Bread Pudding
House made with french bread, fresh eggs, cream, golden raisins, peaches and pecans.  With  a side of dark Jamaican rum sauce.  Yummo! 
Full Pan (Feeds 12-15) $34.95

By the Quart (feeds 6-8) 
By the Pint (feeds 2-3)
Smokey Red Beans
Dirty Rice
Mashed Potatoes
Cajun Cream Gravy
Green Beans