5 Reasons to Run to Razzoo’s Happy Hour

After a long day’s work, there is nothing we like better than an ice old beer. Or two. Or three… (You get the idea.)


Where better to enjoy Happy Hour than at Razzoo’s Cajun Café. Razzoo’s has a wide selection of beer, cocktails, liquor, and appetizers to serve you - whatever you’ve got a hankerin’ for.


Here are 5 reasons to run on over to Razzoo’s after work today and grab a drink:


1.   Extended Hours! Happy Hours at Razzoo’s Cajun Café run from 3pm-7pm, Monday-Friday, giving you plenty of time to get over there and enjoy some Texas-sized drink specials as well as some delicious food.  



2.   Discounted Appetizers! Nothing better to accompany a few drinks that a few baskets of perfectly fried food. Popcorn shrimp, fried pickles, buffalo wings, and more are all just $5 or $6 (and it’s a full portion, no funny business). A customer favorite? The Rat Toes – succulent chunks of crab and shrimp and stuffed inside of jalapenos, then battered and deep fried.


3.   Frozen Drink Specials! You’re not a true “Razzoo” unless you’ve given our Hurrycanes, Mardi Ritas, and Swamp Thangs a try. Served in obnoxious glasses and adorned in beads, our frozen drink specials pack a punch. And they’re $2 cheaper at Happy Hour than the rest of the day - winner!


4.   $2 off Craft Drafts and Glasses of Wine!  Every Razzoo’s has a great selection of craft draft beers like Abita Amber, Karbach Hopadillo IPA and (512) Pecan Porter, along with a great variety of wines by the glass - and all are priced right for Happy Hour!


5.   A Rockin’ Atmosphere! Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it. Rowdy. Loud. Crazy. And the later it gets…the more fun it gets. You’ll just have to join us to see for yourself.


Join us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week for Happy Hour. Remember: Monday – Friday, 3pm-7pm. We’re your go to place for the best happy hour in Texas!  


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Warm Up with Cajun Southern Comfort Food at Razzoo’s

Rumor has it a cold front is blowing in this weekend… don’t let the chill in the air get you down! Razzoo’s Cajun Café has your favorite warm, southern comfort food to take the chill off. Here are a few of our top picks:


Cajun Etoufee

Yessir – this one is one of our favorites! Our etoufee is slowly simmered with a dark roux that brings out the richness of the flavors, then served over our famous dirty rice. The hardest part is choosing whether you want to add chicken, shrimp, or crawfish to your dish!


Cajun Gumbo

We’d never make it as a Cajun restaurant if we didn’t make a killer gumbo! Ours is chock full of goodness with your choice of seafood or sausage and chicken, along with rice, okra, and other veggies that has been slow cooked longer than a tax refund check.


Cajun Fried Chicken

Our Cajun Fried Chicken is extremely popular, with crispy deep fried goodness served over a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes and drenched in Andouille sausage gravy. It is also served with veggies on the side, but who has room to “eat their greens” when the chicken is this good?! P.S. it’s a generous helping, so come hungry!


Cajun Stuff’d Fish

What’s better than fresh Gulf fish? Fresh Gulf fish stuffed with more seafood, that’s what! Each fish filet is stuffed with our shrimp and crab stuffin’, then drizzled in a creamy crawfish lemon butter sauce.


Cajun Gator Tail

Gator Tail is by far our most popular item on the menu!  Served grilled over jambalaya with BBQ “ouch” sauce, it’s so good you’ll quickly realize why it’s a fan favorite.  Never tried gator before?  Get a smaller portion, fried and served with a little cocktail sauce - once you try it you’ll be back for more!


These are just a few of our favorite Cajun comfort foods to warm you up this Fall and Winter season. Join us at a Razzoo’s Cajun Café near you for lunch, dinner, drinks, and more. There’s a reason we’re the best Cajun restaurant in Texas!

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Gumbo Essentials: The Ingredients You Need to Make the Best Gumbo

At Razzoo’s Cajun Café, we have the market cornered on amazing Cajun food. But if you ever get a wild itch to do something crazy like cook your own gumbo, here’s a rundown on the gumbo essentials you’ll need – or it ain’t gumbo!

Cajun Holy Trinity

Otherwise known as celery, bell peppers, and onions, the Cajun Holy Trinity is the base for most Cajun cuisine – and creates the delicious aroma and flavors you’ve come to love in a gumbo. Start with these, and you’re off to a great start.

Cast Iron

Before getting started, be sure to invest in a good cast iron Dutch oven. Those little babies are perfect at heating up well and holding consistent temps, letting your gumbo simmer to perfection under just the right temperature.


Depending on the recipe, you’ll make your roux a little differently, but it’s basically just a combination of flour and fat that is cooked until it’s a beautiful dark brown color. This not only adds flavor to your dish, but it thickens it as well.

The Meats

This is really just a free-for-all. What do you have on hand? What do you like? Throw it in! Traditional gumbo calls for seafood, chicken, and Andouille sausage, but really anything goes!

Cajun Seasoning

No gumbo is complete without the quintessential Cajun seasonings. You can choose to buy your favorite name brand bottle of pre-mixed Cajun seasoning or just whip up your own combo using spices such as oregano, basil, thyme, cayenne pepper, celery, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

If you try your hand at homemade gumbo and it doesn’t work out, just remember where to find the best gumbo in Texas: Razzoo’s Cajun Café! Our doors are open 7 days a week; come see us for lunch, dinner, happy hour, or a late night snack!

It's all in the roux! Check out this video for tips on how to make Razzoo's Kitchen Sink Gumbo at home!

Help Razzoo’s Give Back to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Fall is in air, and southern Cajun food is on our mind.

But that’s not all we’ve got on the brain.

Every October, Razzoo’s is proud to spend a month raising funds to support one of our favorite charities – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Last year, we had the privilege of donating approx. $35,000 to St. Jude’s on behalf of our amazing restaurant guests and ourselves! Thank you from the bottom of our Cajun hearts for supporting such a great cause!

You may be wondering to yourself, what does my donation support? Well here is just a fraction of the work St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does to benefit children:


FREE Medical Care

Yes, you read that right! St. Jude’s provides state-of the-art care to thousands and charges each patient absolutely NOTHING for their services. In fact, 75% of the funding for St. Jude’s is given by wonderful, well-meaning people like yourselves that also believe that parents in need shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay their child’s medical bill – they should just worry about getting them well. It’s funding like yours that allows St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to focus on the health of the children in their care and nothing else.


Childhood Cancer Research

For 50 years, St. Jude has been researching cures for childhood cancer, and they won’t stop until they find one! St. Jude is proud to say that their research is making a difference. Childhood cancer survival rates are now around 80%, but the research won’t stop until that number reaches 100%.


Global Impact

When St. Jude uncovers a breakthrough in children’s medicine, their findings are shared all over the world. The result: thousands more children helped around the globe because of your generous donation here at home.


For the entire month of October, each of our 19 Razzoo’s Cajun Café locations will be taking donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For each dollar donated, Razzoo’s will hang a pumpkin in your name at our restaurant. It’s a great reminder throughout the month of October of the generous spirit embodied by our guests here at Razzoo’s. Thank you in advance for supporting this great cause at our Texas Cajun restaurant!

Cajun Sausage 101: What are the different types of Cajun sausage?

Cajun cookin’ is a style all its own, and if you aren’t a bubba from the swamplands of Louisiana, you have a thing or two to learn about what makes Cajun food different that Creole, or other southern comfort food in general.

So pull up a seat, and let us fill you in the different types of Cajun sausage and what makes them unique:


Boudin Sausage

Let’s just start with one of the region’s most famous, shall we. When driving through the Acadiana region of Louisiana, it’s very common to see signs on the side of the road, at gas stations, grocery stores, etc. that say “Hot Boudin!” Boudin is simply pork and rice sausage. In the 1800s, Spanish and French colonists who were settling the area were poor and food was meager. They stretched every last bite of food, and so the rice was originally added to the pork as filler. Today, it’s what makes boudin the Cajun sausage it is today. Try it in Razzoo’s Boudin Balls, one of the most popular appetizers on our menu!



Prominently served in dishes like gumbo or jambalaya, Cajun Andouille sausage is a spicier version of a similar sausage made in France. The sausage uses coarsely ground pork and combines it with spices, onion, garlic, and wine to create a taste that is spicy and delicious. What sets Andouille sausage apart is that it’s twice smoked for extra flavor. Give it a try in our Razzoo’s gumbo or atop our Creamy Cajun Fondue dip. Yum!

Join the fine folks at Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week and order up some Cajun sausage. We source only the finest meats and seafood from the great state of Louisiana, guaranteeing an authentic Cajun meal every time. See you for lunch, dinner, happy hour, or late night at Razzoo’s.

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Fun Fact Friday: The Truth about Gator Tail at Razzoo’s

When in season, there is one menu item we can guarantee will fly out of our restaurants: Cajun Gator Tail.


It’s a customer favorite here at Razzoo’s, and yet, many don’t know much about this delicacy of Cajun cuisine. So here ya go: a few fun facts you didn’t know about Razzoo’s famous Cajun gator tail!


1.   Alligator Isn’t Raised for its Meat.

Not sure why, because this stuff is good eatin’, but it’s not. The primary purpose: skin for fancy boots. The meat is simply a by-product. And when the economy tanks, so does our availability of delicious gator tail.


2.   Even with Sky High Prices – Gator Tail Sells Out.

Speaking of the economy tanking, back in 2008, the recession hit and fancy people stopped buying their fancy alligator skin boots. Which meant, less meat for us. All the Cajun restaurants were fighting over the meager supply, and paying a pretty penny for it too. We raised our prices, and it still sold out. We took the fried gator appetizer off of the menu to try to manage supply, and yet, we still sold out. It doesn’t matter what we do – those in the know will pay for the delicious taste of Cajun gator tail!



3. Fried Gator Tail is an Insider Secret.


Wait what? Razzoo’s has a Fried Gator Tail appetizer?

While not an official menu item, insiders know and love this beloved dish. So much so, that Fried Gator Tail is our #3 more popular menu item at Razzoo’s, trailing only behind our beloved Rat Toes (fried shrimp & crab stuffed jalapenos) and Fried Pickles. The moral of the story: if you haven’t given the Fried Gator Tail at Razzoo’s Cajun restaurant in Texas a try, then you need to add it to your bucket list right away.


So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to a Razzoo’s Cajun Café near you and do what the regulars do, order the Cajun Gator Tail!


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The Best Lunch Specials in Texas are at Razzoo’s!

It’s really hard to beat the lunch specials at Razzoo’s Cajun Café!

Whether you live in Dallas, Round Rock, Lewisville, Tyler, or College Station, Texas – Razzoo’s has a lunch menu that is sure to please even the pickiest coworker.

So what’s on the menu?! Read on to learn about some of our favorites:

Tuesdays: $7 PoBoys

Pop into your local Razzoo’s in Texas between 11am-3pm, and you can get a poboy sandwich, French fries, hushpuppies, and a drink for only $7! PoBoys come with your choice of fried shrimp, fried catfish, blackened chicken, or blackened tilapia. Who said lunch specials had to have meager portions?! This lunch is filling, delicious, and cheap – the way a good lunch special in Texas should be.

Wednesdays: $7 Salads

We call it Rabbit Food Wednesdays, and it is the most delicious way to eat your greens! Order one of our massive salads – chopped salad or Caesar salad – loaded with all the goods. We are partial to all things fried, so we can’t resist the Chopped Salad, stacked high with fried onions (so good!), bacon, cheese, hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Get this amazing – and extremely filling – salad for only $7! Comes with a drink!!

Daily Lunch Specials: $8.99

Want to order off the regular menu, but thinking a smaller lunch portion might be in order? Check out the daily lunch specials! For just $8.99, you get slightly smaller lunch portions of some of our customer favorites: Zydeco Pasta, Grilled Chicken Etouffee, Cajun Popcorn Shrimp Basket, Pecan Catfish, and more. And bonus: smaller portions and cheaper prices mean you’ve got room – and money - to order dessert!

So grab some coworkers for lunch and show them what the best Cajun food in Texas tastes like! Join us everyday between 11am-3pm to get these amazing deals.

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Abita Brewing Company: Have you Tried the Best Beer in Louisiana?

While our restaurants may be throughout Texas, we pride ourselves on bringing the best of Louisiana to Texas. That’s great Cajun seafood, sausage, red beanz n rice, and of course, amazing craft brews.


One of our favorite beers from Louisiana is Abita Brewing Company. Some might even say it’s the best beer in Louisiana. We love importing it to our Cajun restaurants in Texas, and here’s why:


Tastes of New Orleans

Abita Brewing Co. is located a short 30 miles north of New Orleans in Covington, Louisiana. Covington sits atop Abita Springs – a natural underground water source with the most beautiful, purest water around. Many argue that the use of Abita Springs’ pure water is one of the reasons Abita beer is so good. It’s like the true, unique flavor of Louisiana is bottled into every batch – something that genuinely cannot be replicated.


Small Batch Beer

Anytime you’re working with true artisans, you’ll hear them talk about the importance of small batch brewing. It helps control the process and make sure each batch is perfectly brewed. Each batch is created with the highest levels of quality control in mind, undergoing rigorous tasting and quality control measures to ensure the best beer in Louisiana.


Ingredients from All Over the World

Abita Brewing has looked high and low to source the best, highest quality ingredients for their beers. The result: British and North American barley, yeast from Germany, and hops for the Pacific Northwest. It’s beer with character, infused with flavors from all over the world to make Louisiana’s finest.


Absolutely No Preservatives or Additives

No preservatives, stabilizers, or additives in Abita beer. Period. End of story. It’s the reason why you can take a sip of Abita beer and taste the freshness in each sip.


Ready to try the best beer in Louisiana? Come see us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café today! We have a wide variety of Abita Brewing Company beers available including some of our favorites like Purple Haze, Strawberry Lager, Turbodog, and more.