How to Eat Boiled Cajun Crawfish

It’s crawfish season, and Razzoo’s Cajun Café has the best crawfish in Texas!

We’ve learned over the years that some Texans who are new to eating crawfish find it a little daunting. Don’t you worry! Razzoo’s is here with step-by-step instructions to make Cajun crawfish eating easy as pie.

Step 1: Order Cajun Crawfish in Texas at Razzoo’s!

Head on over to your local Razzoo’s and order a giant helping of Cajun crawfish, shipped fresh from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s just $8.49/lb. and comes with boiled corn on the cob and boiled potatoes.

Step 2: Twist and Pull

PIck up a nice, big crawfish to start with; now hold the tail in one hand and the head in the other hand. With a firm grip on the head of the crawfish, gently twist the tail until it pops apart. Want to do like the true Cajuns do? Now suck the head! If you’re a little too squeamish for that, then just discard it. We won’t hold it against ya.

Step 3: Remove the Tail Meat

Now on to the good stuff! Peel off the first few rings (maybe 2 or 3) of the tail so that part of the tail meat is exposed. With one hand, pinch the end of the tail, and this should release the tail meat. Now all you have to do is gently pull it out and eat!

Step 4: Eat your Weight in Cajun Crawfish!

Razzoo’s prides itself on offering the freshest, tastiest crawfish around! Each order comes complete with butter for dipping (this is a must!), boiled potatoes, and boiled corn on the cob. Be sure to wash it all down with a craft beer, Gator Punch, or a Hurrycane. After all, it’s what the Cajuns would do.

See you this week for the best crawfish in Texas at Razzoo’s Cajun Café!

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Mark Your Calendars: World Famous Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

At Razzoo’s, we not only love sharing our delicious Cajun fare with good, fine folks, but we love sharing other opportunities to indulge in Cajun traditions. Few things are more central to Cajun culture than crawfish, and if crawfish is your thang, put the world famous Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival on your bucket list!


What is the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival?

In 1959, the Louisiana legislature named Breaux Bridge, Louisiana as the crawfish capital of the world. So in 1960, Breaux Bridge was looking for a way to showcase this to the world, and the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival was born. Each year, about 35,000 travel to Breaux Bridge to eat amazing Cajun food, hear the best Cajun and Zydeco music, and enjoy the culture of Louisiana.


What Events are at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival?

·      Food! Bring your appetite! Sure, you’ve had crawfish before, but have you had it fried, turned into crawfish bisque, or served as a crawdog? We didn’t think so. At the festival, you’ll find crawfish served any way your heart could desire, along with all your other favorite Cajun dishes – red beans and rice, gumbo, shrimp, etc.

·      Music and Dancing: Cajun and Zydeco music are big in these parts, and not only will you hear the best Zydeco bands, but you can enjoy Cajun & Zydeco dance contests. Better yet – throw on your dancin’ shoes and join them!

·      Carnival: What festival is complete without a carnival?! Rides, a midway full of games, and more = fun for the whole family.

·      Shopping: Looking for something unique for your home? The Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival showcases local artisans and craftsmen selling their wares.

·      Parade: Arrive early on Sunday to get a good spot for the parade! See the local fanfare and spectacular floats.

This year, the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival will take place May 5-7, so mark your calendars now! In the meantime, get your crawfish fix in Texas at Razzoo’s Cajun Café!

Brewery Spotlight: Karbach Brewing Co.

At Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe, we like to think of the folks at Karbach Brewing Co. as kindred spirits.


They don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re sarcastic. They’re hilarious. And above all, they’re just fun guys to party with.


Karbach Brewing Co. – located in Houston, Texas – is serious about making great beer, but not too serious about anything else. They love to party and have a good time, and to them, brewing craft beer is just an extension of the party. They swear up and down that if it becomes work, then they’re out. On to bigger and better things.


That fun and lighthearted spirit makes its way into every batch of beer Karbach brews, and oh it’s delicious. With names like Hopadillo IPA, Love Street, Sympathy for the Clown, and Rodeo Clown Double IPA, you can just feel the sense of whimsy infused into every sip.


So how did Karbach get it’s start?


It’s funny to think that all these delicious beers are here today because two ordinary guys followed their dreams. Beer distributors Ken Goodman and Chuck Robertson decided to try their hand at brewing their own beer on the same street where they were sourcing other people’s beer – Karbach St. The Karbach Brewing Co. took off and is now one of the premier craft breweries in the state of Texas.


If you’re ever down in Houston, Texas, be sure to check out the entire Karbach complete with the Karbach Restaurant & Patio, serving up a full menu of delicious dishes that pair perfectly with beer, and the Biergarten, where beer and live music make perfect harmony.


Can’t make it to Houston? We know a place where the food also pairs perfectly with beer! Razzoo’s Cajun Café that is! Razzoo’s proudly serves Karbach beer and many other fine craft beers. Stop in today and order a glass or two!

Who's In for Po'Boy Tuesday?!

Ever wondered how the “po’boy” got its name? And what exactly is a “po’boy” anyway?

As legend has it, po’boy sandwiches come from humble beginnings, dating back to New Orleans circa the early 1990s.

Railroads were the thing of the day, and railroad conductors were in high demand. Two such men – Benny and Clovis Martin – decided to abandon their train conducting ways in favor of owning a restaurant. Some months later, railroad conductors across Louisiana were on strike, and in order to support their buddies, the Martin brothers began serving free sandwiches to their railroad brethren – “po-boys” many called them. The hearty sandwiches they were served quickly took on the name of “po’boy sandwiches” and the name stuck.

Today, you don’t have to be a poor railroad conductor to appreciate the delicious, humble flavors of a po’boy sandwich!

$7 Po’Boy Tuesdays at Razzoo’s

At Razzoo’s Cajun Café, we love po’boy sandwiches so much, we have a whole day of the week dedicated to them! Every Tuesday from 11am – 3pm, enjoy our Po’Boy Lunch Special. It’s your choice of a fried popcorn shrimp, fried catfish, or blackened chicken po’boy – plus a drink – for a mere $7! You can barely get a fast food meal for that, and I assure you ours is much tastier.

Each po’boy sandwich is loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, your choice of meat, and served on an authentic French roll, just the way you’ll find it around New Orleans. If you’re lucky, we might even bring you some fries or jalapeno pups on the side.

See you this Tuesday at Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe for Po’Boy Tuesday! With 19 locations and counting around the state of Texas and North Carolina, there is sure to be a Razzoo’s nearby. Enjoy the best Cajun food for lunch, dinner, happy hour, and late night at Razzoo’s.

Mardi Gras Specials Feb 20 through Fat Tuesday (Feb 28) at Razzoo’s!

Fat Tuesday is just around the corner, and Razzoo’s is already in the mood to party!


Beginning NEXT MONDAY – February 20 – Razzoo’s Cajun Café will begin running Mardi Gras specials in Texas leading up to Fat Tuesday. These specials will run ALL DAY, EVERY DAY and include our most popular menu items:


·      $3 Frozen Hurrycane: Razzoo’s take on the classic New Orleans Hurricane, our Hurrycane packs a punch! With both light and dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine, it’s a tasty treat any day of the week.

·      $3 Frozen Mardi Rita: Not feeling the Hurrycane? You can’t go wrong with a Razzoo’s Mardi Rita! Our festive margarita will get you in the mood to party!

·      $3 Abita Pints: Only a true Cajun can appreciate the beauty of Abita beers. Brewed in Abita Springs, Louisiana – just north of New Orleans – Abita brings us all the feels of Mardi Gras.

·      $3 Boudin Balls: Who wouldn’t love a battered ball of sausage goodness?! A Cajun favorite, boudin balls make the perfect appetizer or late night snack.

·      $3 Rat Toes: One of our most popular menu items, now just $3! We start with spicy jalapenos, stuff them with shrimp and crab, then serve them deep fried with our homemade buttermilk ranch dip. Watch yourself – these will give you a hurtin’ they are so good!

·      $3 Fried Pickles: Addictive and delicious, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and order two orders of these. And heck – at $3 a pop – you don’t even need to feel guilty about it!


Get the Mardi Gras party started early at Razzoo’s Cajun Café! We can’t wait to share our Mardi Gras specials with you, starting February 20 and running through Fat Tuesday (Feb. 28). The best Cajun food in Texas is at Razzoo’s!

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It's Crawfish Season, Y'all!

At Razzoo’s Cajun Café, there are few things we get more excited about than crawfish season.

At the beginning of February, truckloads of fresh crawfish start to roll out of south-central Louisiana and into Razzoo’s locations across Texas. Crawfish season, plus the arrival of Mardi Gras in just a few short weeks, has us as happy as a kid on Christmas morning!

So Where Does Razzoo’s get it’s Live Crawfish?

Great question. As the best Cajun food restaurant in Texas, we pride ourselves on only serving the best crawfish. You won’t find better crawfish than that at Fruge Aquafarms. Fruge Aquafarms is located in Branch, LA and has been supplying Razzoo’s with live crawfish for over 20 years! Fruge grows, harvests, and delivers all it’s mudbugs on site in perfectly curated rice fields, so the process is controlled from start to finish. What was once just one small pond has grown into a huge operation, supplying 15,000-20,000 tons of live crawfish to hungry Cajuns across the country each year.

How Fresh is Fresh Crawfish at Razzoo’s?

Let’s just say VERY fresh! Fruge has perfected the process of delivering live crawfish to its customers so that the process from catch to delivery is 24-48 hours max. It’s the whole reason Fruge has become an industry leader in live crawfish delivery and why Razzoo’s trusts them to only supply the best for our guests.

Crawfish at Razzoo’s = Finger Lickin’ Good!

Each year Razzoo’s Cajun Café sells over 85 tons of the best crawfish in Texas to our guests, and we can’t wait to share some with you!

best crawfish in texas razzoo's

Our supply of fresh crawfish is still very limited, so call in advance to check availability on our crawfish special. For just $8.49/pound, you’ll get finger lickin’ good crawfish, boiled corn on the cob, and boiled potatoes. It’s a meal us Cajun folk just can’t pass up!

The Great Debate: Is it Cajun or Creole?!

Writers, tourists, and those vaguely familiar with the culture of Louisiana will gleefully interchange these two words, and yet, they are two different things entirely. Let Razzoo’s give you the lowdown on when it’s “Creole” and when it’s “Cajun,” because let’s face it – it’s confusing!


Creole = City Food

In the heart of New Orleans, food is distinctively Creole and NOT Cajun. Creole refers to the melting pot of New Orleans, blending flavors from France, Spain, Africa, and the Caribbean. As immigrants flooded into New Orleans, they brought their own unique flavors and cooking techniques, and the result is something divine. As the city folk had access to more spices and seasonings than the country folk, Creole dishes are marked by more variety and more complicated preparation methods than Cajun food. And here’s a little trick: if the gumbo has tomatoes, then it’s Creole. Cajun food never has tomatoes!

Cajun = Country Food

As you venture to the outskirts of New Orleans, you’ll start to see signs for fried alligator, boudin, and cracklins. Get excited because you’re approaching Cajun country! Cajun food originated with the Acadians who migrated to the region and were very resourceful when it came to food. They lived in the swamp and marshlands and used everything to make ends meet. That’s where delicious dishes like boudin and cracklins originated – from using every last bit of the pork. Dishes are usually simply prepared and use the “Holy Trinity of Cajun Cuisine” – onions, bell peppers, and celery. Oh – and let’s not forget the seasoning! Cajun food is well seasoned and may also include green onions, garlic, and parsley.


razzoo's cajun food in texas

Ready to get your Cajun food fix? Visit Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week for the best Cajun food in Texas! We look forward to serving you for lunch, dinner, happy hour, or late night drinks.

Where Does Razzoo's Get its Oysters?

It’s peak season for oysters in Texas, and Razzoo’s has the best around. As you’d expect from the best Cajun restaurant in Texas, we get ours fresh from a premier oyster supplier right here on the Texas Gulf Coast: Jeri’s Seafood.


Family Owned & Operated

There’s something about supporting local “mom and pop” establishments that just makes use feel good. Jeri’s Seafood was founded in 1970 and is currently operated by 3 generations of the same family. Harvesting the best, highest quality fresh oysters is what they do.


Sustainable Oyster Farming

Jeri’s Seafood does it differently and we applaud the company for caring about the environment and not just the bottom line. Back in 1968, Ben Nelson – founder of Jeri’s Seafood – played a very active role in ending shell reef mining in Galveston Bay by proving live oyster reefs were unlawfully being mined.

Today, sustainability is at the forefront of what they do. Jeri’s Seafood builds all of its own reefs and carefully harvests them with the ecosystem in mind. They take pride in being “sustainable” before sustainable was cool! Each year, Jeri’s plants over 20,000 tons of rock and shell in the ocean, creating reefs that produce over 90% of their oyster harvest each year. That’s pretty impressive stuff.


Superior Quality

Each of the Jeri’s Seafood reefs are meticulously cared for and harvested with quality in mind. Jeri’s Seafood uses FDA, DSHS, and HACCP certified processing methods to guarantee the freshest product possible.


razzoo's oysters texas

Join us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week for delicious oysters fresh from the Gulf! Our raw, salty oysters are served on a half shell over ice, accompanied by cocktail sauce, horseradish, and crackers. Rather not slurp down your oysters raw? Order them grilled with garlic butter instead! Either way – our fresh Texas oysters are the perfect appetizer, happy hour snack, or cure to the late night munchies