Flavors of Summer: How to Make the Perfect Margarita

Newsflash: It’s Summer.

And those hot summer days call for the best cocktails and craft beer at Razzoo’s Cajun Café to cool ya down!

If for some reason you can’t get into Razzoo’s to have our bartenders whip you up a delicious Mardi-Rita, then you can always make your own at home. We’ll show you the way. Read on to learn about how to make the perfect margarita at home:

Start with the Best Tequila

Your drink is only going to be as good as the liquor you put in it. Choose a 100% pure agave tequila. Do not be fooled by anything called “gold” or a rich gold color (it’s just caramel coloring). If the label doesn’t say 100% pure agave, then do yourself a favor and skip it.

Fresh is Best When it Comes to the Lime Juice

Look, we know you have that bottle of lime juice that’s been in your fridge for 6 months. That’s great for recipes, but don’t pour it in your margarita if you want to make the best one in all the land! Fresh is better, so instead, spring for fresh limes and squeeze fresh juice to take the flavor up a notch. Oh – and key limes vs. traditional? We can’t really taste the difference, but you’ll work a heck of a lot harder to get juice out of the key limes.

Orange Liqueur is a Matter of Preference

Some claim Cointreau is the only orange liqueur to use in margaritas; others say any triple sec will do. Still others might suggest you go for the Grand Mariner. On this one, it’s really up to your personal preference. Cointreau has a 40% alcohol content, while most triple secs are substantially less. Grand Mariner vs. traditional orange liqueur? It just depends on if you like your margarita with notes of brandy or not.

For Full Flavor – Go on the Rocks

If you really want to enjoy the flavor of the margarita you just created, then don’t blend it! Frozen margaritas numb the tongue somewhat, dulling the flavors. And if you’ve gone to this much trouble to get it right, you might as well taste it to its fullest, right?!

We think you’re ready! Go out and create that perfect margarita at home! And if it just doesn’t live up to your expectations, wave that white flag in defeat and come see us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café where the Mardi-Ritas are flowing and the best Cajun food in Texas is served up daily.  

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Bad Day? Drown those Sorrows with Happy Hour at Razzoo’s!

We’ve all been there. Bad days happen, but Razzoo’s Cajun Café has the perfect solution for a long day on the job: Happy Hour!

Happy Hour Specials at Razzoo’s Cajun Café

Razzoo’s is known for our delicious beverages – from local craft beers to iconic Louisiana cocktails like the Hurrycane to a great selection of wines by the glass, Razzoo’s has the cure for what ails ya.

And when you join us on a weekday from 3-7pm, you can get great deals on all your favorites!

Craft Drafts - $2 off!

Heck ya! Your high falutin’ favorite beer is a steal during happy hour! Get any of our craft drafts for $2 off the regular price. Most selectins are local. All are ice cold. Ask your bartender for what’s available at your location, as options vary.

Brave New Cocktails - $2 off!

Have you tried the Brave New Cocktails menu?! So many great concoctions to try! We love the Dirty Cajun Martini, Razzoo’s Smoked Old Fashioned, Dixie Passion Lemon Drop, and the Smashed Blackberry Moonshine Mojito – just to name a few.  

Wine - $2 off!

If wine is more your speed, Razzoo’s now has a great selection of reds, whites, and sparkling wines sure to please. These are $2 off during Happy Hour, and half price on Wednesdays.

Frozen Drinks - $2 off!

Ahhh – Razzoo’s signature drinks are such a great deal during Happy Hour! Grab a Mardi Rita, Swamp Thing, Hurrycane Hell, or Coronita Rita on-the-cheap during happy hour!

Select Appetizers - $5-$6 each.

Chances are, you’ll need a few munchies to pair with those Texas happy hour drink specials! Rat toes, boudin balls, popcorn shrimp and more are on sale during happy hour. Ask your server what the happy hour specials are, as they vary!

Get to Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week for these and other great Texas happy hour specials! Available in Lewisville, Round Rock, College Station, Lubbock, Fort Worth, Tyler, and more.

*Happy hour specials subject to change. Ask your server for current offerings.

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Texas Proud: Where Does Razzoo’s Get Its Sausage?

One quick scan of our Razzoo’s Cajun Café menu and you’ll quickly notice that we love a good sausage - especially Andouille sausage.


But where do we get our sausage?

What is in the sausage?

Read on to learn a little bit more about the finger lickin’ good sausage we put in our dishes here at Razzoo’s Cajun Café. (Spoiler alert: you’re going to be impressed with the quality):

Where Does Razzoo’s Get Its Sausage?

All of our andouille sausage is sourced from a company called Syracuse Sausage. Syracuse was founded in the 1980s by a man named Joe Mussacchio. Joe moved to Texas from New York, and to his dismay, couldn’t find local sausage he thought were the same quality he was used to. With sausage making in his blood (his family owned and operated a sausage making operation back in New York), he decided to give it a whirl himself. The rest is history! The Mussacchio family still owns and operates Syracuse Sausage today, just one more reason we love supporting them.

What is In the Sausage at Razzoo’s Cajun Café?

Let’s start by talking about what’s NOT in the sausage. No fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors are found in the sausage at Syracuse Sausage! Only quality ingredients of first rate quality, so it’s sausage you can feel good about eating. And as for flavors, Syracuse uses a proprietary blend of spices to give their sausage a unique kick all its own. We don’t even know what goes into it, but we know it’s good, and we’ll keep sourcing it for our restaurants!

So there you have it! When you enjoy the Andouille sausage at Razzoo’s Cajun Café, you can now give yourself a big pat on the back for supporting local business and for eating only the highest quality sausage on the market! Join us this week at a Razzoo’s Cajun Café near you for the best Cajun food in Texas!

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Meet Allen Toussaint: The King of New Orleans Jazz Music

When you think of the music of New Orleans, jazz comes to mind, right?

Razzoo’s Cajun Café – the best Cajun restaurant in Texas - is proud of our Louisiana roots, and we love celebrating artists and musicians who have put Louisiana on the map. One such musician: Allen Toussaint. Read on to learn more about how he put New Orleans jazz on the map for the world to see:

Humble Beginnings

Allen Toussaint was born in New Orleans in 1938 to everyday, working class parents. His father worked on the railroad, but also played the trumpet, and that spurred his love for music. He was given the opportunity to take informal piano lessons from an elderly neighbor, and that opportunity changed his life forever.

A Career Takes Off

In his teen years, Toussaint began playing in a band – the Flamingos – and later dropped out of school to pursue music full time. His talent allowed him to play alongside the best musicians in New Orleans, and that gave him his big break at age 17 when he filled in for Huey “Piano” Smith at a top concert with the Earl King Band.

Musician, Songwriter, and Producer

By the age of 20, Toussaint was traveling and recording with many music greats. Not only did he perform, but as he honed his skills, he gained a knack for songwriting and producing too. Toussaint wrote about things people could understand, and those songs resonated with the working class. Songs like “Working in the Coal Mine” recorded by Lee Dorsey are a credit to Toussaint. Throughout his career he worked with many chart-topping greats like Paul McCartney and Robert Palmer. And while he never won a Grammy for his music, he was awarded a Grammy Trustees Award in 2009 in honor of his vibrant music career of the decades.  

Even in his late years, he could be seen around New Orleans, spreading his love for jazz music in his flashy suits and ties. Although Toussaint died in 2015, the impact he left on New Orleans, jazz music, and the entire music community will be felt for years to come.

allen touissant.jpg

A Cajun Delicacy: Fried Gator Tail!

The secret is out! Insiders know to order this favorite: Fried Gator Tail! In fact, it’s the 3rd most popular dish behind the Rat Toes and Fried Pickles (What can we say, our guests love fried food!)! When it’s in season, we know it will sell out day after day because it’s just that good.

Gator Tail: A Cajun Delicacy

Gator tail, a staple here at Razzoo’s Cajun Café, isn’t considered a delicacy to everyone. In fact, alligators aren’t actually raised for their meat; it’s the skins that bring the big bucks. So when those alligator boots are made, the alligator meat is then sold to restaurants such as ours who just love that tasty, juicy gator meat! It’s hard to believe something so good is considered a “by-product.”

Once Upon a Time, Gator Tail Wasn’t Even Officially On Our Menu.

Here’s the thing – we can’t always predict how much gator tail we’ll have on hand, and the economy plays a big role in that! When demand for fancy alligator wares tanks – then so does our supply! This exact thing happened back in 2008 when our economy hit a major recession. No one could get gator tail! Prices skyrocketed and every Cajun restaurant in Texas was trying to get gator tail. Any we got, we sold out of! We raised our prices, and guess what?!, we still sold out! We eventually took the Fried Gator Tail off the menu (leaving the Grilled Gator Tail), but it was still so popular that we sold out anyway. It’s been a hit ever since, even though it is back on the menu.

Tell Me About the Grilled Gator Tail.

Grilled gator tail is a menu staple and for good reason! Imagine a big bed of jambalaya, with grilled gator tail on top, all smothered in our signature BBQ “ouch” sauce. Served with crusty bread and southern green beans, it’s down home, southern cookin’ at its finest.

Is your mouth watering yet?! Join us this week at Razzoo’s Cajun Café and treat yourself to a Cajun delicacy – Gator Tail! We’re the #1 Cajun restaurant in Texas, home of gator tail, crawfish, oysters, gumbo, and more.

Gator Tail at Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe

Gator Tail at Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe

How Do I Eat Crawfish?

It’s a question we often get from newbies, and we can’t blame them. Chowing down on a fresh batch of boiled crawfish sound delicious, but it can be a little overwhelming the first time you do it. Never fear, it’s so easy any bubba can do it!

Are you ready to shell crawfish like a pro? Razzoo’s Cajun Café will have you shellin’ and eatin’ like a true Cajun in no time!

Step 1: Pop the Head Off

Pick up a juicy crawfish, and if you’re right handed, hold the tail in your right hand (with the thumb planted against the under belly) and hold the head with your left hand. Gently twist the head and tail in opposite directions until you hear a “crack!” Step 1 is complete!

Step 2: Remove the First Ring of the Tail

Now, set the head aside and focus on the tail. You’ll want to find the first ring of the tail and gently twist in a similar fashion to what you did with the tail. When you hear it crack, slide the ring off and discard.

Step 3: Pull the Tail

Finally, the last step is here! Your crawfish should just have one remaining section of shell left at the end of the tail. Firmly plant the end of the tail in one hand with the thumb on the underbelly again and grab the exposed end with meat in the other hand. Pressing firmly on the tail with your thumb, apply pressure and pull the meat in one direction and the tail in the other. The meat should separate from the shell and you’ll have a perfectly delicious morsel of crawfish meat read to devour. (We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.)

It’s crawfish season at Razzoo’s Cajun Café, so if you’re in the mood for the best crawfish in Texas, come see us today for lunch or dinner. Served by the pound, our crawfish is served with boiled corn and potatoes with our own house blend of Cajun spices.

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A New Orleans Favorite: Get Your Po’Boys at Razzoo’s!

Looking for a hearty, satisfying lunch or dinner that won’t break the bank?

Grab a po’boy at Razzoo’s!

Even from its inception, the po’boy shines as a sandwich for the masses, and Razzoo’s - the best Cajun restaurant in Texas - is here to tell the tale of how it began:

A Sandwich for Poor Boys

Our tale begins with two brothers: Bennie and Clovis Martin. The men were raised in Raceland, Louisiana, and in 1910, set off for New Orleans to become streetcar conductors. This continued until 1922, when they left their posts as conductors to open a restaurant and coffee house: Martin Brothers’ Coffee Stand and Restaurant.

Business was going well when in 1929 a heated transit strike broke out among the streetcar conductors and motormen. They were not happy with contract negotiations, and this strike went on for months. People were out of work, and the Martin brothers’ history with the transit system left them partial to the fight. They wrote a letter to the transit workers, letting them know that if they stopped into Martin Brothers’ Coffee Stand and Restaurant, their meal would be free. Poor men, hungry and tired from the strike, could come get hearty, satisfying sandwiches from the Martin brothers, and the “po’boy” was born.

Bigger & Better for the Strike

Not only did the Martin brothers offer free sandwiches, but they altered the bread to make the sandwiches even bigger and more filling for the men. Traditional French bread has narrow, rounded ends, which makes it basically useless in terms of creating a full sandwich. The Martins worked with a local bakery to make the loaves bigger and more square to feed the masses.

The Legend Lives On

Even as the strike ended, the Martin brothers’ business boomed as loyal New Orleanians supported the business that had supported so many during the strike.

Today, po’boys can be found all over New Orleans, and in Texas, you won’t find a better po’boy than at Razzoo’s Cajun Café! Join us for a po’boy, stuffed with your choice of fried shrimp, fried catfish, blackened tilapia, or blackened chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and our special sauce. Fries and pups round out the meal. Come get your po’boy on this week at Razzoo’s!

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What Do the Mardi Gras Colors Mean?

Have you ever wondered why the colors purple, green, and gold are synonymous with Mardi Gras? King cakes, masks, beads, décor – you name it - it’s all covered in purple, green, and gold. Well, Razzoo’s Cajun Café has done a little research into the matter and we’re here to give you the scoop:

The Colors Date Back to 1872

The year was 1872. It was the first Rex parade and the Rex selected the colors purple, green, and gold. Many have been told it was in honor of a visiting Russian Duke, Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Romanoff, but we’re not really sure if that’s true or not.

Why Purple, Green, and Gold?

Whether in honor of the dignitary or not, it’s often thought that the colors were chosen to symbolize wealth and royalty, with purple being a royal color, gold a natural metallic suitable of a king, and then green being chosen because it’s a suitable color for a coat of arms. According to the rules of a coat of arms, the only acceptable colors are red, blue, purple, green, and black. When purple was chosen (and researchers assume it was chosen first), the only acceptable compliment would be green.

What Do the Mardi Gras Colors Mean?

Alright – so back to the actual meaning. In addition to symbolizing royalty, the Rex of the 1892 parade gave each color a meaning: Purple means justice, green means faith, and gold means power.

Wear Purple, Green, and Gold and Celebrate at Razzoo’s!

Come celebrate the spirit of Mardi Gras and all it stands for with us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café! Now through March 5, enjoy amazing Mardi Gras drink specials, appetizer specials, and more! Mardi Gras specials going on now at all of our locations, including Round Rock, Lewisville, Tyler, College Station, Lubbock, and more.

mardi gras drink specials Razzoo's Cajun Cafe

*Specials and pricing subject to chance. Ask your server for details.