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Mardi Gras: The Meaning Behind the Trinkets

Mardi Gras conjures up thoughts of beaded necklaces, crowded New Orleans streets, king cakes, and more. True Cajuns know the meaning behind these trinkets – but do you? Here are a few fun facts about Mardi Gras to get you some kudos around the water cooler this week.


Mardi Gras Colors – Green, Gold, & Purple


Green, gold, and purple are the official colors of Mardi Gras. No debating that. And where they came from and what they mean… Well, that just depends on who you ask! Legend has it that the colors were chosen by the Rex krewe in 1872 for no good reason except that they liked the way they looked together. 20 years later, the Rex came back and said the colors stood for faith (green), power (gold), and justice (purple).


Other conflicting accounts believe the colors have deeper meaning dating back to Catholic origins and some attribute the colors’ origin to Grand Duke Alexis Alexandrovitch Romanoff of Russia who visited New Orleans in 1872.


Why the beads and “throws?”


Because it’s a parade and it’s fun! The tradition of “throws,” started back in the 1870s when the first parades began. In 1884, modern day doubloons began to be a hot throw, as krewes began to make their own metal coins with their emblem and throw those out into the crowd. Other popular throws include beaded necklaces, cups, and stuffed animals.


Can you explain the King Cake?


King cakes are eaten all over the world during the period of Mardi Gras – the time between the Christmas season and Lent. Originating over 300 years ago to remember the 3 kings looking for baby Jesus, these cakes began as simple bread-like cakes with a bean inside to represent the baby. Now, the cakes are more elaborate – some filled, some with puff pastry, but most commonly, you’ll find them to be a round cinnamon roll-type cake with a hollow center and Mardi Gras colors on top. Find the baby inside, and you’ll be selected to host the next Mardi Gras party!

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What are the Origins of Mardi Gras?

As many of you know, Mardi Gras – or Carnival as it’s commonly called around the world - is going on now! Mardi Gras is synonymous with New Orleans, king cake and, of course, beads, doubloons and other “throws”. But how did it begin? What’s it about?


Razzoo’s Cajun Café – your favorite Cajun food restaurant – has the scoop for you. Impress your friends with your Mardi Gras knowledge!


So what exactly is Mardi Gras?


In a nutshell, it’s one big party! It begins the day after Epiphany (Jan. 6) and then lasts until Fat Tuesday (which is Feb. 9 this year). It’s a month long celebration of parades, parties, balls – depending on where you live – with the bulk of the festivities happening the week leading up to Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras literally means “Fat Tuesday” in French, but the term is used loosely to describe all festivities leading up to Ash Wednesday.


Where did it begin?


Mardi Gras dates back thousands of years, dating back to a time of pagan celebrations of spring and fertility. It is believed to have begun in Rome and Greece, where Christianity was spreading. Newly converted Christians wanted to carry on their pagan celebrations, so the early church incorporated them into their customs. Mardi Gras became a time of fun and excess before the somber time of Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday.


Who celebrates Mardi Gras?


Whether you’re a full blood Cajun – or just a Cajun at heart – this party’s for you! Mardi Gras – or Carnival – is celebrated all over the world. As colonists from Europe spread throughout the New World, so did the Mardi Gras traditions. Annual celebrations take place all over the world, with the most notable being in New Orleans, Venice, and Brazil.


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