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Where Does Razzoo's Get its Oysters?

It’s peak season for oysters in Texas, and Razzoo’s has the best around. As you’d expect from the best Cajun restaurant in Texas, we get ours fresh from a premier oyster supplier right here on the Texas Gulf Coast: Jeri’s Seafood.


Family Owned & Operated

There’s something about supporting local “mom and pop” establishments that just makes use feel good. Jeri’s Seafood was founded in 1970 and is currently operated by 3 generations of the same family. Harvesting the best, highest quality fresh oysters is what they do.


Sustainable Oyster Farming

Jeri’s Seafood does it differently and we applaud the company for caring about the environment and not just the bottom line. Back in 1968, Ben Nelson – founder of Jeri’s Seafood – played a very active role in ending shell reef mining in Galveston Bay by proving live oyster reefs were unlawfully being mined.

Today, sustainability is at the forefront of what they do. Jeri’s Seafood builds all of its own reefs and carefully harvests them with the ecosystem in mind. They take pride in being “sustainable” before sustainable was cool! Each year, Jeri’s plants over 20,000 tons of rock and shell in the ocean, creating reefs that produce over 90% of their oyster harvest each year. That’s pretty impressive stuff.


Superior Quality

Each of the Jeri’s Seafood reefs are meticulously cared for and harvested with quality in mind. Jeri’s Seafood uses FDA, DSHS, and HACCP certified processing methods to guarantee the freshest product possible.


razzoo's oysters texas

Join us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week for delicious oysters fresh from the Gulf! Our raw, salty oysters are served on a half shell over ice, accompanied by cocktail sauce, horseradish, and crackers. Rather not slurp down your oysters raw? Order them grilled with garlic butter instead! Either way – our fresh Texas oysters are the perfect appetizer, happy hour snack, or cure to the late night munchies