moscow mule history

Moscow Mules: Why the Copper Mug? 

Just a few short years ago, Moscow mules weren’t even on the radar, and now, you’ll see them at just about every bar in town  – always served in a copper mug of course.

But why copper?

Why can’t they be served in a regular low ball or something?

Razzoo’s Cajun Café is here with all the answers to your Moscow mule ponderings. Read on---


Copper Keeps Your Drink Icy Cold

We’ve all had cocktails where the ice melts way to fast and you’re stuck with a lukewarm, watered down cocktail. No bueno.

Copper is a natural insulator, so as soon as your drink hits the copper mug, the mug begins to cool down, while simultaneously locking in the cool temps of your mule. That’s why you get that refreshing chill the minute your lips touch the copper and take that first sip. Plus – it insulates the heat from your hand as you grab the handle. Can your low ball do that when serving drink specials in Texas?!


It Just Tastes Better in a Copper Mug

We’re not sure if it’s our imagination or what, but Moscow mules just taste better when served in a chilly copper mug! Some say the copper and vodka react, causing some oxidation of the copper that can then bring out the flavors in the vodka. Others say the cold mug makes the ginger beer extra fizzy, enhancing the flavor. At Razzoo’s, we don’t get involved in all that scientific stuff. All we know is we love a Moscow mule in a copper mug!

Craving a Moscow mule?! Visit your local Razzoo’s Cajun Café for drink specials in Texas, including the famous Moscow mule. And if a mule isn’t your thing, grab an ice cold craft brew or a Hurrycane. With locations in Lewisville, Round Rock, College Station, Plano, throughout Texas and even Concord, NC - you’re sure to find a Razzoo’s near you!