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5 Reasons to Run to Razzoo’s Happy Hour

After a long day’s work, there is nothing we like better than an ice old beer. Or two. Or three… (You get the idea.)


Where better to enjoy Happy Hour than at Razzoo’s Cajun Café. Razzoo’s has a wide selection of beer, cocktails, liquor, and appetizers to serve you - whatever you’ve got a hankerin’ for.


Here are 5 reasons to run on over to Razzoo’s after work today and grab a drink:


1.   Extended Hours! Happy Hours at Razzoo’s Cajun Café run from 3pm-7pm, Monday-Friday, giving you plenty of time to get over there and enjoy some Texas-sized drink specials as well as some delicious food.  



2.   Discounted Appetizers! Nothing better to accompany a few drinks that a few baskets of perfectly fried food. Popcorn shrimp, fried pickles, buffalo wings, and more are all just $5 or $6 (and it’s a full portion, no funny business). A customer favorite? The Rat Toes – succulent chunks of crab and shrimp and stuffed inside of jalapenos, then battered and deep fried.


3.   Frozen Drink Specials! You’re not a true “Razzoo” unless you’ve given our Hurrycanes, Mardi Ritas, and Swamp Thangs a try. Served in obnoxious glasses and adorned in beads, our frozen drink specials pack a punch. And they’re $2 cheaper at Happy Hour than the rest of the day - winner!


4.   $2 off Craft Drafts and Glasses of Wine!  Every Razzoo’s has a great selection of craft draft beers like Abita Amber, Karbach Hopadillo IPA and (512) Pecan Porter, along with a great variety of wines by the glass - and all are priced right for Happy Hour!


5.   A Rockin’ Atmosphere! Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it. Rowdy. Loud. Crazy. And the later it gets…the more fun it gets. You’ll just have to join us to see for yourself.


Join us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week for Happy Hour. Remember: Monday – Friday, 3pm-7pm. We’re your go to place for the best happy hour in Texas!  


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"The Smallest Brewery in Dallas" - Four Bullets Brewery

Razzoo’s Cajun Café isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill chain restaurant. We don’t carry the same stale beer options everyone else does. Sure – we’re going to have Budweiser, Miller, Coors, etc, but we love offering you something different. Texas craft beers that you’ve never heard of. Beers you can brag about to friends. Craft beer that just tastes good.


One of our latest discoveries: Four Bullets Brewery in Richardson, Texas. Hailed the “smallest brewery in Dallas” and the “first and only brewery in Richardson,” Four Bullets Brewery is relatively new to the craft brew scene. Opened in 2015, this charming little brewery is already stealing our affections with beer that’s big on taste.


Cozy, Funky, Fun


Reason #1 we love this place – it’s as funky and fun as a trip to Razzoo’s Cajun Café! Brewmaster Andrew Smeeton – a native Englishman - wanted Four Bullets Brewery to have the feel of an old English pub, a place where friends can gather and memories can be made. Find a seat in this charming little dive along Highway 75 and Arapaho and spend hours drinking your favorite beer, playing a little Jenga, or watching the game on one of their big screen TVs.


About the Beer


The name “four bullets” is a poker term referring to the four aces in poker, and all of the beers follow suit by having poker names themselves. Don’t let the gimmicky names fool you – craft beer aficionados can rejoice that this beer is legit. Give the Two Pair Pale Ales a try and you won’t be disappointed. Another favorite: the Royal Flush Red Ale is smooth, lightly hopped, and easy for just about anyone to drink and enjoy.


Head into your local Razzoo’s Cajun Café and ask about their selection of Texas craft beer from Four Bullets Brewery and others. Each Razzoo’s location is unique, offering local craft beer and tried-and-true favorites. See you for happy hour, lunch, dinner, or late night at Razzoo’s!