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Mythbusters: The Crawfish Edition

Ever attend a crawfish boil with some Bubba and wonder how many of the crawfish “facts” he’s spewing are actually facts? Lots of rumors surround the little mudbugs, but which are actually true? Razzoo’s Cajun Café is here to set the record straight with Mythbusters: The Crawfish Edition.


Myth 1: Clean Crawfish with Salt Before Boiling To Remove Impurities.


According to the LSU Ag Center, salt doesn’t do anything to help “purge the impurities” in crawfish. Soaking in cold water (be it fresh or salted) mainly just cleans the dirt off their exteriors and gills - which you want to do because, you know, dirty food is kind of gross.  Be sure to separate out the ones that float to make sure they aren’t dead.   



Myth 2: Crawfish are High in Fat


Wrong again. A nutritionist for the LSU Ag Center says that they are in fact low in fat, especially saturated fat. This myth is usually tied to the yellow/orange substance in the head and sometimes on the tail that many call “fat.” The stuff in the head is not fat, but is in fact an organ.  (You’re welcome.)


Myth 3: Crawfish are Not Part of a Healthy Diet


That depends on how you cook ‘em! Crawfish are naturally low in fat and contain good omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in protein, iron, vitamin B12, and other minerals necessary for a healthy diet. So, assuming you’re not deep frying them and slathering them in tartar sauce, they’re really a very healthy meal.


Myth 4: Don’t Eat a Crawfish with a Straight Tail.


OK - this is where we differ with the “experts”.  They tell us that straight tails are perfectly fine to eat; that it doesn’t mean that they were dead before cooking, just that they may have been crowded in the pot and were boiled that way. We’re not buying it.  We’re sticking with what our Mama told us on this one and skipping the straight tails - and we’ll never serve them to you, either.


Myth 5: Crawfish eaters are better lovers.  


This is not a myth at all and is, in fact, completely true.  We’re not sure how it got on the list.  


Myth 6: I Must Go to Louisiana for Fresh, Louisiana Crawfish.


Wrong! Razzoo’s Cajun Café has shipments of Louisiana crawfish arriving at least three times per week from our premium suppliers. Only the best crawfish in Texas, served with corn on the cob and spicy red potatoes for just $7.99/lb!  (Prices are subject to change so please check with your server for the most up to date pricing)

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It's Crawfish Season at Razzoo's Cajun Cafe!

The best time of the year is here at Razzoo’s Cajun Café – crawfish season! Fresh, Louisiana crawfish is rolling into a Razzoo’s near you as we speak and will be available through early June. Being the Cajun experts that we are…we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, most delectable crawfish around.  What makes our crawfish the best?


First and foremost, we use premium suppliers. Our biggest supplier of crawfish is Fruge Aquafarms, a top notch family run operation out of Branch, Louisiana. A leader in crawfish production in Louisiana, Fruge Aquafarms knows a thing or two about raising the best crawfish around. And we know it – that’s why we’ve partnered with them for over 20 years! Here are a few reasons we love ‘em!


Their Motto: “From Our Farm to Your Table”


Fruge Aquafarms raises all of their own crawfish in their own farms; every single one. They’ve perfected the science, and it’s a labor of love year round to grow and catch the juiciest, highest quality crawfish. It’s pretty fascinating actually. If you have time, jet over to their website to read the full story on how the farming process works.


Premium Grade


There’s no “field run” crawfish here. Some companies do a “field run” catch, which means they take whatever they catch in the trap and ship it to you. Not so with Fruge. You are guaranteed washed, clean crawfish that have been weighted and sorted for maximum size. The runts are weeded out and you’re left with the juiciest crawfish around.


Live Crawfish Guarantee


A good crawfish boil starts with – what else – LIVE crawfish! It’s tricky to get live crawfish to a consumer with a freshness guarantee, but that’s exactly what Fruge Aquafarms does. Crawfish is caught, sorted, cleaned, and prepped daily, typically getting from the boat to the restaurant in 24 hours or less.


Join us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café for our authentic, Louisiana boiled crawfish in Texas! It’s just $7.99/lb., served with spicy corn and boiled potatoes. (Prices are subject to change so please check with your server for the most up to date pricing) Happy eating!

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