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Want the Best Fried Turkey?! Follow these 5 Steps from Razzoo’s Cajun Café!

You already know about our famous fried shrimp, fried fish, and fried gator tail, but did you know Razzoo’s also fries turkeys during the holiday season?!

Sure do. In fact, you might just want to consider us experts in the field. And while we aren’t keen on sharing our proprietary frying methods (some things are better kept top secret), we will divulge a few tips on how to cook the best fried turkey at home:

Step 1: Get the Right Turkey

First off, know how big you need it. The general consensus is that you need to estimate 1-1.5 pounds per person you are feeding, but our motto is generally, “go big or go home.” The bigger the bird, the better, because who doesn’t love turkey leftovers?

Another thought here: make sure you don’t buy a turkey with a pop-up plastic thingy in it. The heat from the fryer will melt it and that’s no bueno.

Step 2: Start Thawing a Week in Advance

Remember how we said to get a big bird? Remember that the bigger the bird, the longer it is going to take to thaw. Don’t assume you can put it on the counter the night before and it’s magically going to be thawed on Christmas morning. Allow yourself an entire week of thawing in the refrigerator to make sure everything cooks evenly once fried.

Step 3: Know How Much Oil to Use

Once your turkey is in the hot oil, you want the oil line to be about 4 inches from the top of the fryer. Instead of pulling a Bubba and just winging it before you fry, you’re better off marking a fill line in advance. The best way to do this is to put your frozen turkey in the fryer and fill the fryer with regular, cold water until it’s 4 inches from the top. Remove the turkey and mark where the water settles. Easy peasy.

Step 4: Marinade Like a Pro.

Start by mixing up the marinade two days in advance to let the flavors blend. A day before frying, use an injection syringe to carefully inject the marinade into the meat. The goal is to pierce the skin the least amount of times so that they skin doesn’t shrink up as it cooks. As you’re injecting, try massaging the marinade into the meat to spread it around. We know, it sounds super weird, but it makes a huge difference in flavor.

Step 5: Fry it Up!

Put that bird in the fryer and watch it cook for approx 4 minutes per pound, but you’ll want to start checking the internal temp at around 3.5 minutes per pound. Your turkey is ready once the turkey breast registers 155 degrees. Let the meat rest for 15 minutes and you’re ready to serve your holiday feast!

Not sure you want to follow all these steps for the best fried turkey? No problem. Call Razzoo’s Cajun Café today and get the best fried turkey made-to-order! Orders are filling up fast, so get yours in today!

The best fried turkey is at Razzoo's Cajun Cafe!

The best fried turkey is at Razzoo's Cajun Cafe!

Let Razzoo’s Cook your Holiday Meal!

You’ve got football to watch and beer to drink… you don’t have time to cook a holiday meal!

The holiday season will begin next week, and Razzoo’s is here to help! We offer a variety of options including Cajun fried turkey, our famous bread pudding, and sides galore:

Cajun Fried Turkey

If there is one thing that’s a pain – it’s cooking a Thanksgiving turkey! All that thawing, and brining, and prepping, etc. – you’ve got better things to do! Plus – you just aren’t going to beat the flavor of a deep fried Razzoo’s Cajun Café turkey! We inject flavor and rub it down with spices before frying it to perfection. Our Cajun fried turkeys run about 15 lbs. and can feed about 10-12 people. Tell Cousin Bubba he better save some for the rest of ya!

Peach ‘n’ Pecan Bread Pudding

Fool your Mimi into thinking you’re a great cook with our famous Peach ‘n’ Pecan Bread Pudding – served up Lusiana style! At Razzoo’s, we make this to order – in fact we make it fresh daily in every restaurant – for a freshness you can taste. Ooey gooey dark Jamaican rum sauce soaks the spongy bread full of fresh peaches and southern pecans. You can thank us later.

Cajun Sides

Just need a side or two to complete the meal? Razzoo’s has that too! Choose between dirty rice, green beans, smoky red beans, mashed taters, or Cajun cream gravy. Each is available in a pint (feeds 2-3) or quart (feeds 6-8). You may want to grab more than one!

Razzoo’s makes the holidays easy! Call today to place your order at a location near you! Now taking orders in Round Rock, Lewisville, Tyler, Fort Worth, College Station, and across the great state of Texas. We bring the tastes of a southern Cajun holiday to you and yours!

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Razzoo’s Tip Line: How to Fry the Best Thanksgiving Turkey

The holiday season is just weeks away and Razzoo’s wants to help you look like a pro when it comes to cooking the perfect bird for your Thanksgiving table. We love frying our turkeys because it seals in the moisture, and really, what isn’t better fried?!

Here are a few other Razzoo’s insider tips on frying the best turkey in all the land:


1.   Pick the Right Bird: Starting with the right turkey is key. Avoid the birds with those plastic pop up thingies in them – plastic doesn’t hold up to frying – and make sure you buy enough turkey for all your guests. When determining the exact amount needed, we’ll defer to the turkey experts – Butterball – and their website recommends 1-1.5 pounds of turkey per person. And lastly, don’t be shamed by buying a small bird. Go big or go home! Anything under 15 pounds just looks like a big chicken.


2.   Thaw Your Turkey: Contrary to popular belief, a frozen 16 lb. turkey is NOT going to thaw overnight on your kitchen counter. Trust us – it just won’t. Cook like a pro and let that hoss of a bird thaw slowly in the refrigerator for about a week.


3.   Mark Your Pot’s Oil Fill Line: Your goal is to have just enough oil in the pot that once the turkey is added, your oil is about 4 inches from the top of the pot. But don’t wait until it’s time to cook and just “guess” how much is needed! Put your frozen bird in the pot (wrapped up is fine) and fill the pot with water until the water is 4 inches from the top. Remove the turkey and put back in the fridge to thaw. Mark the oil fill line right where the water settles.


4.   Prepare the Marinade in Advance: In order to maximize the flavors in your marinade, plan to make it a day or two in advance. And bonus tip: lumpy ingredients like garlic and rosemary will not fit in your injection syringe, so you’ll want to strain out or puree those ingredients before injecting into your bird.


5.   Inject the Marinade: Use the syringe to pierce the skin of the meat, then move the needle around to get the marinade inside the meat. Pierce the skin as few times as possible, as every tear will shrink the skin. Next, massage the meat to work the marinade in as you’re injecting. Warning – if your friends see you do this, they might think you’re a little bit weird. Just tell them to move along, because hey, you’re working your turkey frying magic. Refrigerate for 24 hours before frying.


6.   Pick a Frying Location: This is critical people. Make sure your spot is at least 30 feet away from your home, on solid, flat ground, and save the booze until after you’re done frying - unless you’d like to risk a call to the fire station. And on that note, it can’t hurt to have a fire extinguisher on hand as well.


7.   Cook the Bird: Let that sucker cook for 4 minutes per pound, but be sure to start checking it after 3.5 minutes per pound. Once the breast registers 155 degrees, your bird is done. Let the turkey rest for another 15 minutes after cooking, and during that time the internal heat will continue to cook it to juicy perfection.

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Want an easier way out? Call Razzoo’s Cajun Café today and order your fried turkey in Texas directly from us!  Better yet – order sides to go with it and let us do ALL your Thanksgiving cooking for you! Your secret is safe with us.


Happy Thanksgiving!