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Ready for it? Razzoo’s Has the Lowdown on the Fastest Way to Shuck an Oyster

It’s oyster season at Razzoo’s, which means we hear a lot of questions about oysters. One of the most common ones: how do I shuck an oyster?


Read on to find out the fastest – and easiest! – way to shuck oysters. The faster you eat – the more you get!


The Old Fashioned Way to Shuck an Oyster

When looking at a sealed oyster, many people will attempt to pry open the oyster along the backside, where the shell comes to a point. How do they do this? By repeatedly jabbing a knife into the oyster until it splits open. Sounds like a good idea, but when it comes down to it, it’s 1) not very graceful and 2) a great way to end up with shards of shell in your oysters or mutilated oyster meat.


Fastest Way to Shuck an Oyster

Okay, are you ready for it? It’s actually pretty simple. First off, locate the wide part of the oyster, which is the front. Now, instead of jabbing your knife in repeatedly, slide the paring knife in between the shells - just to the right of the center front works well – then gently twist to separate. As you begin to pry the shells apart, be sure to sever the abductor on the top of the oyster. Once you cut it loose, your shells should slide open seamlessly, and all you need to do now is sever the bottom abductor by gently sliding your paring knife along the bottom side of the oyster. Flip it and reveal the beautiful, smooth oyster meat. Lastly, drizzle with lemon juice or Tabasco and slurp it down!

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Razzoo’s Serves Raw, Shucked Oysters on the Half Shell!

Not sure you want to worry yourself with the dirty work of prying oysters open? Come on in to Razzoo’s in Texas or North Carolina, where we have delicious, fresh oysters on the half shell ready and waiting! Order our signature Cajun raw oysters or you can get them boiled with garlic butter and Parmesan.


Are Oysters Safe to Eat During Hot, Summer Months?!

Summers in Texas are hot.

Sweltering hot.

August is the Big Daddy of all summer months, where temps in Round Rock, Lewisville, Tyler, College Station, and around the state of Texas frequently run 100 degrees.

So with temperatures so high in Texas, is it safe to eat raw oysters at Razzoo’s?!

The answer is YES!!!

Razzoo’s doesn’t source just any old oysters. We get the freshest, safest ones around. And in the hot, summer months it’s Gold Band Oysters all the way, everyday.

High Pressure = No Harmful Bacteria

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that during the warm summer months, the ocean water is also nice and warm. Warm water and raw oysters don’t go well together because the warm water can lead the oysters to harbor harmful bacteria. With Gold Band Oysters’ high pressure wash, it’s not even a worry.

Won’t the High Pressure Processing Make My Oysters Taste Weird?

Nope! Not one iota. Gold Band Oysters pride themselves on giving Razzoo’s customers the best oysters in Texas year round, all without compromising any taste. The taste is the same. The feel of the oyster is the same. Just without the harmful stuff. In fact, both the American Culinary Institute and the American Tasting Institute have given Gold Band Oysters Best Taste Awards for their flavorful oysters.

Bonus: Ease of Shucking!

Ever tried to shuck an oyster, only to find you mangled it? Yeah, we have too. That’s why we love that Gold Band Oysters come pre-shucked leaving you more time to focus on the good stuff: eating your oysters!!

Ready to slurp down the best oysters in Texas?! Razzoo’s Cajun Café has you covered! Come on by today to order up our raw oysters on the half shell. They’ll be ice cold, served with lemon, crackers, horseradish, and cocktail sauce. Not into raw? No problem! We’ll gladly grill ‘em and coat ‘em in garlic butter. Good eatin!

Where Does Razzoo's Get its Oysters?

It’s peak season for oysters in Texas, and Razzoo’s has the best around. As you’d expect from the best Cajun restaurant in Texas, we get ours fresh from a premier oyster supplier right here on the Texas Gulf Coast: Jeri’s Seafood.


Family Owned & Operated

There’s something about supporting local “mom and pop” establishments that just makes use feel good. Jeri’s Seafood was founded in 1970 and is currently operated by 3 generations of the same family. Harvesting the best, highest quality fresh oysters is what they do.


Sustainable Oyster Farming

Jeri’s Seafood does it differently and we applaud the company for caring about the environment and not just the bottom line. Back in 1968, Ben Nelson – founder of Jeri’s Seafood – played a very active role in ending shell reef mining in Galveston Bay by proving live oyster reefs were unlawfully being mined.

Today, sustainability is at the forefront of what they do. Jeri’s Seafood builds all of its own reefs and carefully harvests them with the ecosystem in mind. They take pride in being “sustainable” before sustainable was cool! Each year, Jeri’s plants over 20,000 tons of rock and shell in the ocean, creating reefs that produce over 90% of their oyster harvest each year. That’s pretty impressive stuff.


Superior Quality

Each of the Jeri’s Seafood reefs are meticulously cared for and harvested with quality in mind. Jeri’s Seafood uses FDA, DSHS, and HACCP certified processing methods to guarantee the freshest product possible.


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Join us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café this week for delicious oysters fresh from the Gulf! Our raw, salty oysters are served on a half shell over ice, accompanied by cocktail sauce, horseradish, and crackers. Rather not slurp down your oysters raw? Order them grilled with garlic butter instead! Either way – our fresh Texas oysters are the perfect appetizer, happy hour snack, or cure to the late night munchies

How to Shuck an Oyster

Oysters are tricky business. It’s easy to feel intimidated by the little sea critters, but don’t be! Fresh, raw oysters are one of the Gulf coast’s greatest delicacies  - if you know how to eat ‘em! Let Razzoo’s Cajun Café give you a few tips on shucking oysters so feel like a pro in no time:


1.   Buy Raw, Live Oysters: This may seem like a given, but some people mess this one up! Smell the oyster. Does it smell fresh, like salty seawater? Any off odor is a no-go. Does it feel weighty in your hand? Fresh oysters still have lots of salty seawater in their shell, giving them a more substantial weight than older oysters. Plan to eat your fresh Gulf oysters the day you buy them for maximum freshness.



2.   Gather Your Supplies: In order to properly shuck an oyster, you’ll need an oyster knife and a thick glove or kitchen towel for handling the oysters as you cut. If you don’t have a fancy oyster knife on hand, any short, flat knife - or even a flat head screwdriver - will do.


3.   Insert the Knife: The key is to find the hinge of the oyster. If you look at the oyster, you will see a more “cupped” side, which is the bottom, and a more flat side, which is the top. Now look for the pointier end of the oyster; this is where the hinge is. You can now insert the knife one of 2 ways, either directly into the hinge or directly to the side of the hinge.


4.   Cut It Open! We’re almost done! Run the knife along the hinge until it breaks loose; you may even have to administer a nifty twist move with your knife to pop that baby open. Once the hinge is loose, run the knife through the oyster, keeping the knife close to the top as to not mangle the oyster itself.

5.   Slurp the Goods: Now we’ve come to the fun part. Drizzle a little lemon juice or Tabasco on the oyster and slurp it up whole. Be sure not to leave any of the oyster juice – it’s the best part!


Not feeling like a pro yet? No worries. Razzoo’s Cajun Café has fresh, raw oysters served daily! Our oysters are guaranteed fresh, and come ready to inhale – no shucking necessary. See ya at Razzoo’s this week for some of the best oysters in Texas!

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