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Tips & Tricks to Making the Best Bread Pudding

Want to bring something different to this year’s holiday party?

How about whipping up a batch of southern bread pudding?!


An old Creole favorite, bread pudding is a staple in restaurants in and around New Orleans. They might all add their own spin to it – white chocolate bread pudding, bourbon vs. rum sauce, etc. – but at the end of the day, it’s the dessert Cajuns have come to love and appreciate for centuries.


Ready to whip up your own batch? Here are 5 chef secrets to making the best bread pudding, straight from the experts here at Razzoo’s Cajun Café in Texas:


1.   Stale Bread is Best

In order to achieve that perfect, sponge-like consistency in your Cajun bread pudding, be sure to use stale bread vs. fresh bread. Fresh bread is just too soft to soak up all the goodness of the custard.


2.   Avoid Whole Grain Breads

Bread pudding turns out best when you use straight up, plain French bread. Don’t have French bread? Then use some other variety of white bread or brioche. Whole grain breads just don’t taste as good, so avoid those “healthy breads” at all cost.


3.   Butter the Pan

Want those edges all nice and crisp? Don’t skimp on greasing the pan! Use real butter and smother the pan in it before baking. Not only will everything turn out perfectly golden brown, but you’ll have less trouble with the bread sticking to the pan.


4.   The Crustier the Better

When starting your Cajun bread pudding, don’t bother with removing the crusts. The crustier the better we say! That crust adds varying textures to the bread pudding and crisps up nicely when on top.


5.   Don’t Skimp on the Sauce

Whether you’re using a bourbon or rum based sauce recipe, be sure you don’t leave this step out! There are few things in life better than a great piece of bread pudding smothered in rum sauce.

Just want to skip the fuss and still bring the best bread pudding in town? Call Razzoo’s Cajun Café and order our famous Luziana Bread Pudding! Filled with fresh peaches, southern pecans, and drenched in a dark rum sauce, it’s the perfect dessert for any holiday occasion.

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