A New Orleans Favorite: Get Your Po’Boys at Razzoo’s!

Looking for a hearty, satisfying lunch or dinner that won’t break the bank?

Grab a po’boy at Razzoo’s!

Even from its inception, the po’boy shines as a sandwich for the masses, and Razzoo’s - the best Cajun restaurant in Texas - is here to tell the tale of how it began:

A Sandwich for Poor Boys

Our tale begins with two brothers: Bennie and Clovis Martin. The men were raised in Raceland, Louisiana, and in 1910, set off for New Orleans to become streetcar conductors. This continued until 1922, when they left their posts as conductors to open a restaurant and coffee house: Martin Brothers’ Coffee Stand and Restaurant.

Business was going well when in 1929 a heated transit strike broke out among the streetcar conductors and motormen. They were not happy with contract negotiations, and this strike went on for months. People were out of work, and the Martin brothers’ history with the transit system left them partial to the fight. They wrote a letter to the transit workers, letting them know that if they stopped into Martin Brothers’ Coffee Stand and Restaurant, their meal would be free. Poor men, hungry and tired from the strike, could come get hearty, satisfying sandwiches from the Martin brothers, and the “po’boy” was born.

Bigger & Better for the Strike

Not only did the Martin brothers offer free sandwiches, but they altered the bread to make the sandwiches even bigger and more filling for the men. Traditional French bread has narrow, rounded ends, which makes it basically useless in terms of creating a full sandwich. The Martins worked with a local bakery to make the loaves bigger and more square to feed the masses.

The Legend Lives On

Even as the strike ended, the Martin brothers’ business boomed as loyal New Orleanians supported the business that had supported so many during the strike.

Today, po’boys can be found all over New Orleans, and in Texas, you won’t find a better po’boy than at Razzoo’s Cajun Café! Join us for a po’boy, stuffed with your choice of fried shrimp, fried catfish, blackened tilapia, or blackened chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and our special sauce. Fries and pups round out the meal. Come get your po’boy on this week at Razzoo’s!