Celebrate National Gumbo Day with Razzoo’s Cajun Café! We’ll be slingin’ $3 Abita’s all day!

Few dishes conjure thoughts of down home, Cajun cookin’ like gumbo. Hearty, hot, and no doubt delicious, gumbo is a signature of Cajun cuisine and one to be celebrated! (Or at least we think so.)

Since there’s now a holiday for just about everything, you can celebrate your allegiance to this pot of Cajun gold on Oct. 12 – National Gumbo Day! This year, we’ve partnered with Abita to bring you $3 Abita drafts and bottles all day! For every Abita you order, you get a raffle ticket to win a pretty cool prize!

Join Razzoo’s Oct. 12 for National Gumbo Day!

Ready to celebrate the deliciousness that is gumbo?! Join us at Razzoo’s on Oct. 12 and let’s party! We’re partnering with our friends at Abita Brewing Co. – Louisiana’s best craft beer – to bring you $3 drafts and bottles all day long! Pair that with a piping hot bowl of gumbo and you’ve got a match made in gumbo heaven.

History of Gumbo

Ever wonder where gumbo began? Yeah – we all know it came from Louisiana – but it appears it’s really a melting pot dish who’s origins are murky. The earliest reference to the word “gumbo” dates back to 1803 when it was served at a New Orleans political event. As with many dishes in Louisiana at the time, it was made with French, African, Spanish, and Indian influences. In fact, the word “gumbo” is actually derived from a West African name for “okra.” (This is interesting since there seems to be an ongoing debate on whether gumbo should be made with or without okra.) Those that don’t use okra in their gumbo, generally use another spice – filé – which is commonly used in Choctaw and other Indian dishes. And the “roux” used in gumbo – that comes from a French influence. There are as many variations of gumbo as there are crawfish in the bayou – and we think they are all pretty great.

Ready to get your gumbo on?!

Mark your calendar for Oct. 12 at Razzoo’s Cajun Café as we celebrate National Gumbo Day with Abita Brewing Co. and $3 bottles and drafts!  

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