Abita Brewing Company: Have you Tried the Best Beer in Louisiana?

While our restaurants may be throughout Texas, we pride ourselves on bringing the best of Louisiana to Texas. That’s great Cajun seafood, sausage, red beanz n rice, and of course, amazing craft brews.


One of our favorite beers from Louisiana is Abita Brewing Company. Some might even say it’s the best beer in Louisiana. We love importing it to our Cajun restaurants in Texas, and here’s why:


Tastes of New Orleans

Abita Brewing Co. is located a short 30 miles north of New Orleans in Covington, Louisiana. Covington sits atop Abita Springs – a natural underground water source with the most beautiful, purest water around. Many argue that the use of Abita Springs’ pure water is one of the reasons Abita beer is so good. It’s like the true, unique flavor of Louisiana is bottled into every batch – something that genuinely cannot be replicated.


Small Batch Beer

Anytime you’re working with true artisans, you’ll hear them talk about the importance of small batch brewing. It helps control the process and make sure each batch is perfectly brewed. Each batch is created with the highest levels of quality control in mind, undergoing rigorous tasting and quality control measures to ensure the best beer in Louisiana.


Ingredients from All Over the World

Abita Brewing has looked high and low to source the best, highest quality ingredients for their beers. The result: British and North American barley, yeast from Germany, and hops for the Pacific Northwest. It’s beer with character, infused with flavors from all over the world to make Louisiana’s finest.


Absolutely No Preservatives or Additives

No preservatives, stabilizers, or additives in Abita beer. Period. End of story. It’s the reason why you can take a sip of Abita beer and taste the freshness in each sip.


Ready to try the best beer in Louisiana? Come see us at Razzoo’s Cajun Café today! We have a wide variety of Abita Brewing Company beers available including some of our favorites like Purple Haze, Strawberry Lager, Turbodog, and more.

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