Bringing the Tastes of Louisiana to You: Abita Brewing Company

Razzoo’s Cajun Café is proud to serve and support so many amazing craft breweries from around the state of Texas, but did you know we offer some Cajun favorites too? One of the most popular: craft beer from Abita Brewing Company.


If you’ve spent any time in or around New Orleans, then you’ve heard of Abita Brewing Company. Founded just 30 miles north of New Orleans in the tiny town of Covington, Abita Brewing is cranking out some of our favorite craft brews. (If you’re ever in or around New Orleans, be sure to visit their killer taproom for tasting and tours.)



But what makes them any different from the rest of the beer we serve?



·      Handcrafted Small Batches: When quality is of utmost importance, you brew your beer in small, easily controlled batches. Such is the case with Abita Brewing. A team of experts takes pride on overseeing the process, testing each batch to ensure perfection.

·      Abita Springs: Beer starts with water, and the purer the water – the better the beer. Abita Brewing gets all of its water from deep wells that pull water up from Albita Springs, providing the purest water around. We’ll just call this one a major geographic advantage.

·      Finest Ingredients: Abita sources its ingredients from around the world, because only the best will do. Hops from the Pacific Northwest, British and North American barley, and German yeast strains are just a few of the ingredients that set this beer apart.

·      No preservatives or additives: What you see is what you get with Abita Brewing. They add no preservatives, stabilizers, or additives – cranking out the purest, freshest tasting beer around.

Want to give Abita’s brews a try? Visit your local Razzoo’s Cajun Café in Texas and ask what’s available. A few of our favorites include Turbodog, Amber, Purple Haze, Strawberry Lager, and Seersucker Summer Pils.


Razzoo’s prides itself on being the best Cajun restaurant around, serving up a wide selection of craft beer from Texas, Louisiana, and beyond.


 Photo Courtesy  Abita Brewing Company