Stormy Beginnings for the Hurricane Cocktail

At Razzoo’s Cajun Café, one of our most popular cocktail drinks is the hurricane – or Hurrycane as we so affectionately call it. What many of you city folk in Texas may not realize is that the hurricane is a Louisiana original – created by accident in New Orleans in the 1940s.


The Hurricane was Born

It all started at the now famous Pat O’Brien’s pub on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. During Prohibition, Pat O’Brien’s was allegedly a popular speakeasy for sailors, known as Mr. O’Brien’s Bar and Tipperary. The password for entry: “storms abrewin!” (Seems fitting.)


Once Prohibition ended, good liquor was still hard to come by. In order to get even a little of the good stuff – bourbon, whiskey, scotch – O’Brien had to buy a ton of bottom shelf rum. Being the entrepreneur that Pat was, he covered up the rum’s cheap taste with sweet fruit juice and gave the drinks away for free to the sailors passing through, who would then tell their friends to visit O’Brien’s pub for delicious free drinks. Little did he know, the Hurricane – as it came to be called – would become a beloved favorite by all!



Why is it called a Hurricane?

The name comes from the glasses it was served in – glasses with an hourglass shape, reminiscent of the shape of hurricane lamps. Some accounts say he actually used the glass from old hurricane lamps and sealed the bottom, but we’re not buying it.


Come to Razzoo’s for a Hurricane today!

The popularity of the Hurricane is still going strong today! Pat O’Brien’s still makes the original on Bourbon Street; if you ever visit, be sure to grab a commemorative glass for your collection. And if you can’t make it to New Orleans, you know your favorite Cajun restaurant in Texas has you covered! Our Hurrycanes pack a category 5 punch with light and dark rums and plenty of fresh orange and pineapple juice.


We look forward to seeing you this week for Cajun Happy Hour in Texas!