Craft Brew Spotlight: Tupps Brewery

A little over a year ago, a dream came to life for two North Texas compadres. They’d been brewing beer in a garage for about 6 years and decided to make it a business, opening Tupps Brewery adjacent to the historic Cotton Mill in downtown McKinney, Texas.


We love everything about this little brewery up in McKinney. Good ole boys Keith Lewis and Tupper Patnode founded the brewery with a few tenets in mind:


1.   Trust your senses: When brewing a new batch of Texas craft beer, Keith and Tupper always trust their eyes, nose, and mouth above all. Does it look, smell, and taste good? If not – it’s out. If so, then they know it’s a good beer, pure and simple. Then and only then do they rely on fancy, state-of-the-art equipment to perfect the quality and consistency of the beer.

2.   Beer is better enjoyed with company: At Razzoo’s, we completely agree! Tupps Brewery is a family friendly, dog friendly, super laid back type of place where you can kick your feet up and stay awhile. The brewery has a huge patio and taproom, reminiscent of a simpler time when life was slower. Feel free to write your name on the wall, put your feet on the tables, and just enjoy.

3.   Embrace your heritage: Tupps Brewery is proud to be a part of the heritage of Texas, built adjacent to the old Cotton Mill in downtown McKinney. It’s this heritage that inspires great new beers, while sticking to tradition and old time favorites as well.


If you have a free weekend, take a drive up to McKinney, Texas and tell our friends at Tupps Brewery we say howdy. In the meantime, stop by your local Razzoo’s Cajun Café and ask your server for a full list of Texas craft beers.