Fun Facts about Cajun Food

Many people ask how Cajun food came to be – well - Cajun food. And then others get confused as to what makes food Cajun vs. Creole. Aren’t they both Louisiana cuisines? Razzoo’s is here to give you all the answers!

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Louisiana cuisine is a melting pot of cultures and influences, which is what makes the food so divine! Here are a few fun facts to help you brush up on your foodie knowledge:

·      Cajun Food Doesn’t have Tomatoes; Creole Food Does. That’s a pretty straightforward definition for the differences. Creole food, in general, uses more ingredients and variety in cooking methods, whereas Cajun food is simple, less fussy.

·      Cajun is Country Food; Creole is City Food. Traditionally, Cajun food was served by the Acadians (French colonists) who came to settle in the southern part of Louisiana. Known for being rural, many of the people in that area had to become inventive with the food they made. Simple ingredients. Low waste. These were key tenants of Cajun cooking, and rules that still apply today. One famous Cajun dish – “Boudin” – was created with the “use all the animal” mentaility. Boudin is a Cajun sausage that uses pork, rice, seasoning, and typically pig liver. Creole food, on the other hand, is known as the food of the French and Spanish upper class who originally settled in Louisiana – particularly the New Orleans area.

·      Onion, Celery, & Bell Pepper are the “Holy Trinity of Cajun Cuisine.” The base of most dishes will have these three ingredients, with bell pepper replacing carrot as a key, base ingredient.

·      Nice and Spicy. Just How We Like it! Garlic, paprika, parsley, and green onions are other commonly used ingredients when creating the best Cajun dishes. Cajuns love their spices and everything is well seasoned!

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