Razzoo's Is On Your Side

Well, not literally on your side. More like, we’re on your side because we have an amazing menu of sides that you just going to love – on the side.


Have we mentioned the word “side” enough?!


So yeah – Razzoo’s Cajun Café has some sides that will knock your socks off! Here are just a few of the side items you can order with your Cajun cuisine:


·      Red Beanz ‘N’ Rice: Yall this is a staple in Cajun meals, and you must give it a try! Our red beans and rice are both prepared fresh and hot daily, and don’t worry, the beans have plenty of juice to sop up with your rice.

·      Fried Okra: A southern staple. Homegrown okra, breaded and then fried to crisp perfection.

·      Dirty Rice: White rice that is “dirtied up” with spices and stuff. It’s good. Just try it.

·      Jambalaya Rice: It’s dirty rice, but stepped up a notch! Seared sausage is mixed in for extra spice and extra kick.

·      Side Salad: Looking for something a little lighter? Go with a side salad. House salad or Caesar salad, either one is loaded with greens and will make you feel better about all that fried food you are inhaling.

·      Steamed Vegetables: Order a side of seasonal vegetables to accompany your meal.

·      Potato Mashers: Pillowy, fluffy potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to just about anything.

·      Hushpuppies: Speaking of pillowy, fluffy sides…you may want to give our ‘pups a try. Because fried bread never tasted so good.


Order any of these sides to accompany one of our fish, crawfish, shrimp, or sausage entrees. These are especially great to add to a meal if you are planning to split a meal with someone and don’t want to share your rice and beans.


Join us this week at Razzoo’s Cajun Café, serving authentic Cajun food in Texas and Concord, North Carolina.