Great Appetizers and Drafts for Gameday are at Razzoo's!

This just in… Sports are awesome. And so is our bar, by the way. Our laid back atmosphere and amazing down home comfort food make Razzoo’s the place to be for college football, NFL Sundays, playoff baseball and more. While you’re here watching the game, you’re going to need a couple things; a cold beverage (think beer) some appetizers to munch on (more on that later) and friends - that last one’s on you.



Here’s a rundown on some of the amazing Cajun dishes you’re going to find at your local Razzoo’s:


·      Fried Seafood: You can’t go wrong with fried seafood! Honestly, the only thing better than frying seafood is wrapping it in bacon (and then frying it).  Razzoo’s serves up the best fried seafood this side of...well, anywhere!  Shrimp, catfish, crawfish, oysters, alligator tail - all served with seasoned fries and our homemade dipping sauces.


·      Rat Toes: Our most popular appetizer! Rat Toes are spicy jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and crab, then battered and fried until golden brown. So good and soooo spicy! Served with creamy buttermilk ranch to take the edge off!


·      Creamy Cajun Fondue Dip: Your choice of chicken, shrimp, or crawfish cooked in a creamy, cheesy fondue sauce and served with garlic butter toast. Perfect for sharing. Or not, it’s not kindergarten, be selfish.


·      Fried Pickles and Green Beans: We invented fried pickle chips and fried green beans.  Don’t believe us? That’s OK - we’re going to stand behind that statement because we’re relatively sure you can’t prove otherwise.


·      Boudin: The Louisiana Cajun classic comes to Texas (and North Carolina)! No imitations here! Boudin sausage links are served over rice and served with crackers and “ouch” sauce. Or get the Boudin Balls - a name sure to bring out the 9-year-old boy in all of us.


·      Chicken Wings: Firemouth Wings are what we call ‘em, and for good reason! Wings at Razzoo’s are marinated in a Louisiana “death sauce” then served with a Cajun ranch antidote. So tasty!

Join us this week at Razzoo’s Cajun Café for gameday, appetizers, and ice cold drafts in frosted mugs!  Because sports are awesome.