5 Things to Know about Lunch at Razzoo's

Tired of the humdrum places you keep going for lunch? Don’t be! Razzoo’s Cajun Café has you covered with lots of menu options sure to please even the pickiest patron! Here are a few things you’ve got to know about Razzoo’s for lunch in Texas!



1.  All Items on our Lunch Menu are $7.99!

Say what?! $7.99 for all items on the lunch menu?! Talk about a deal! Razzoo’s Cajun Café has hand selected your favorite entrees and made them available at lunch in smaller portions, with the same big flavor you have come to love. That’s right – 8 different, mouthwatering choices; one low price. With that kind of savings, you’ll have plenty leftover for a drink and dessert!


2.  Smaller Portions are Easy on the Waistline

Not only are our smaller lunch portions easy on the wallet, but they are easier on the waistline! Sure, you could eat the entire Zydeco Pasta off of the regular menu – penne pasta, blackened chicken or shrimp, veggies, and creamy creole sauce, yum! – but do you need to? You’ll feel just as full after our lunch portion of the pasta, but you won’t need to unbutton the top button and settle in for a nap at 2:00.


3. Soup and Salad is Always Good for Lunch

Don’t think because you’re at a Cajun restaurant in Texas, we won’t have the classic soup and salad lunch. Look for the Gumbeaux and Salad on our lunch menu. Delicious seafood gumbo and a Caesar salad is sure to hit the spot.


4. Entrees are Fresh & Made to Order

Seafood at it’s best is fresh, and you can expect no less from Razzoo’s! Catfish, shrimp, gumbo....all prepared with freshness you can taste! And all of our sauces and sides are prepared every day in each of our kitchens from scratch by real live humans.  

Join us for lunch this week at Razzoo’s Cajun Café.